EQUINOX is a collection of 144 paintings created by Dan Arenzon between the vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox 2009.
This traditional 5 star hotel in the heart of Barcelona´s commercial district turns into a multimedia space to host Dan Arenzon as its house artist while he publicly creates a collection of 144 digital landscapes of Barcelona as seen from the Meliá Barcelona.


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The exhibition took place in Barcelona and in the cities of Nusa Dua (Bali, Indonesia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Berlin and Düsseldorf (Germany), Bilbao, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Seville (Spain), London (United Kingdom), Mexico City (Mexico) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), opening from East to West and always at noon in the local time the 11-12-2009.